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Random Numbers

Nodary also provides Random Numbers as an oracle service in 12 different testnets. Just like API3's QRNG, it is built on Airnode using the Airnode request-response protocol contract AirnoeRrpV0. It has the same usage as QRNG and is for QRNG enthusiasts to get an understanding of QRNG's usage. See QRNG Example Project or Remix Example.

Nodary Random Numbers Airnode

You can either request a single random number or array of random numbers (length of 512 at max) using endpointIdUint256 or endpointIdUint256Array endpoints.

Airnode Address0x6238772544f029ecaBfDED4300f13A3c4FE84E1D
Airnode xpubxpub6CuDdF9zdWTRuGybJPuZUGnU4suZowMmgu15bjFZT2o6PUtk4Lo78KGJUGBobz3pPKRaN9sLxzj21CMe6StP3zUsd8tWEJPgZBesYBMY7Wo

Available Testnets

TestnetChain Id
RSK testnet31
POA Network Sokol testnet77
BNB Chain testnet97
Optimism testnet420
Moonbase Alpha testnet1287
Fantom testnet4002
Avalanche Fuji testnet43113
Polygon Mumbai testnet80001
Milkomeda C1 testnet200101
Arbitrum testnet421613