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Nodary is an independent group within the API3 ecosystem that builds high-impact oracle services. We currently operate 152 crypto, forex, stock and commodity asset price data feeds each on 33 chains, adding up to a total 5016 unique data feeds.

Nodary piggybacks on API3's Beacon framework for data feeds and Airnode first-party oracle node as secure and reliable building blocks, and uses its own API that aggregates multiple, well-tested data sources to power data feeds at scale. These data feeds will soon go online on the other EVM-compatible chains as well!

What do I pay?

Changing the state of a blockchain requires gas. Since each data feed update writes data to the chain, it spends a little amount of gas at each update. You only pay for gas.

Where do I pay?

Each data feed requires a source of currency to pay the gas fee of the update. To keep a data feed updated, its sponsor wallet must be funded. So you pay by funding a sponsor wallet.

How do I use Nodary data feeds?

It takes no time to use Nodary data feeds in your own project. For more see Data Feed Reader Example.